Sign up for 1000 Books before Kindergarten

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten promotes early literacy skills for children from birth to age five. It encourages parents and caregivers to read regularly with their children.

Why 1000 books? Learning to read begins before children start school. Parents are their children’s first teachers. Research has found that the more children have books read to them, the more prepared they will be to learn to read and to enjoy reading upon entering kindergarten.

Any child from birth until kindergarten may participate. If you wish to check out library books, the parent or caregiver will need a library card. A child must be 5 years old to have his or her own card.

You may read books from anywhere. Books from the library, home, grandma’s house, or daycare count. Parents, grandparents, older brothers or sisters, babysitters, teachers, librarians, or others may read them. As long as your child hears the whole story, a book counts. . . and it counts as many times as you read it!

Sign up your child at Paris Public Library and pick up your welcome packet with your first reading log. At each 100 books read, your child will receive a sticker and will move across the big chart in the children’s area. At 1000 books, your child will get a certificate and a Beanie Baby as a reading buddy as well as a 1000 books sticker and a photo on our chart.

Do you know that we have ebooks?

Did you know that your Paris library card gives you access to 79,619 ebooks and 48,555 audiobooks in Overdrive (MyMediaMall) and Cloud Library?

Learn more by going to ebooks/audios above and choosing the type of device you have.