The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by President Sharon Farris.  In attendance were Trustees Mary Ann Tucker, Amy McGilvrey, Mary Taylor, Greg McHenry, Roxanne Michels and Librarian Teresa Pennington.  Absent were Trustees Jerry Cockcroft and Susan Punzelt.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:  MOTION: McGilvrey, second McHenry to approve minutes as read.  Motion carried.

Finance Report:  MOTION: McHenry, second Tucker to approve report as read.  Motion carried.

Book Committee:  No report.

House Committee:
*The library has paid for and received boiler and elevator certificates.
*Due to repeated vandalism, the restrooms and meeting room are locked after 3:00 p.m. weekdays and on Saturdays and school holidays.

Librarian’s Report (Statistics):  MOTION: Tucker, second McHenry to approve report as read.  Motion carried.

Friends of the Library:  McGilvrey reported that first project of the FOTL will be a Christmas event the first week of December.  Santa will be at the library, and children will be treated to a story and craft.  Date and details will be announced in the Beacon News and on the library’s website.  The next meeting will be Monday, November 16, at 6:00 p.m.

Old Business:
*Michels and McGilvrey reported that the advocacy symposium they attended sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was worthwhile and would enable them to help the library raise the needed matching funds for the Gates grant.

New Business:
*Dennis Thiel informed the board of an investment pool called Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund (IMET).  He recommended the library invest the $90,000 principal from the Lucy Bishop Fund in a bond fund within IMET.  MOTION: Michels, second Tucker to place the $90,000 Lucy Bishop money in IMET.  Motion carried.
*The board discussed the revised Paris Carnegie Public Library Bylaws, and added one additional revision.  Article IV: Meetings 4. shall read:
The order of business shall be:
--call to order
--approval of previous meeting minutes
--financial report
--committee reports
--Friends update and other reports, when applicable
--librarian’s report
--old (unfinished) business
--new business
The revised bylaws will be voted on at the December meeting.

*MOTION: McGilvrey, second McHenry to accept the revised Computer and Internet Policy and Interlibrary Loan Policy.  Motion carried.
*The library will collect “Food For Fines” the first two weeks in December, and Taylor will take the nonperishable food items to the Compassionate Food Pantry.

Librarian’s Announcements: No announcements.

Next meeting will be Monday, December 14 at 4:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 5:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Taylor, Secretary