The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by President Greg McHenry. In attendance were Roxanne Michels, Susan Punzelt, George Griffin, Ryan Fehrmann, and Librarian Teresa Pennington. Absent were Trustees Sharon Farris, Amy McGilvrey, Aaron Rhoads and Mary Taylor.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Motion by Griffin, second by Punzelt. Motion carried.

Finance Report: Motion by Fehrmann, second by Griffin to approve report, to recognize the September 2013 checks and deposits, and to authorize the payment of invoices to Baker & Taylor in the amount of $562.62 for the purchase of 23 fiction books. Motion carried.

Book Committee: Motion by Michels to use Lucy Bishop fund to purchase 21 non-fiction books, second by Fehrmann. Motion carried.

House Committee: Two safety concerns need to be addressed before winter. Water pools outside the north entrance in the winter & creates a hazard when icy. The sidewalk on the south side is broken into several chunks creating a tripping hazard. The sidewalk is no longer used. Tom Phillips submitted an estimate for both jobs - $740 for the north entrance and $355 to remove the sidewalk. Motion to approve by Michels, second by Punzelt. Motion carried.

Trees on the south side need to be trimmed. Griffin will contact Ernie Board for an estimate.

McHenry has an estimate from Tim Bloodworth for $1500 to paint the guttering & downspouts on the new addition. Painting cannot be done until Spring. Motion tabled for now.

Librarian’s Statistical report: Motion to approve by Griffin, second by Fehrmann. Motion approved.

Friends:  Christmas at the Library will be the first Thursday in December. They will also sell CDs left over from the book sale.

Unfinished business: Invoices for the completed exterior work and painting were reviewed.

New Business: Illinois Treasurer’s Office asked to place an I-Cash kiosk in the library for six weeks to let people to check for unclaimed property. The library received a thank-you note from District 95 for a presentation done by Teresa & Julie.

Staff changes: Jeanne Thiel resigned. Cara Hall has been hired to replace her.

Signs will be posted to comply with the Concealed Carry Act. Signs will designate that carrying firearms is prohibited in the library.

Librarian’s Announcements:  Pennington announced that former librarian, Alice Feutz, passed away this week.

Next meeting will be held on 11/18 instead of 11/11. The library will be open but several board members will be unavailable on the 11th.

Library web site is being updated with funds previously provided by Friends. Update should be done in a few weeks.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Roxanne Michels