Part-time positions may be filled from applications already on file. You are welcome to submit an application at any time. Download an employment application (pdf) or ask for one at the main desk.

Now accepting applications (posted 9/13/2016)

CUSTODIAN.  Daily (5 – 6x a week), 10-12 hours a week. General cleaning & maintenance, minor repairs, emptying book drop.  Evening schedule.  Applications at Paris Public Library, 207 S. Main, or at the application link above.

Job Description

Part-time position responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the library building and grounds.  Approximately 10-12 hours per week.

Requires: Working knowledge of equipment, tools, and supplies used in building and grounds maintenance and of safety precautions. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision. Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions and to communicate orally and in writing. Ability to lift and move 40 pounds on a regular basis.

Most cleaning and maintenance to be performed outside the library’s hours of operation.

Duties and Responsibilities

Empty wastebaskets as needed and take trash to dumpster by City Hall
Vacuum high traffic areas: around circulation desks; by restrooms, elevator, and stairs; computer room; front and north entry
Clean restrooms and water fountain. Restock supplies as needed in restrooms.
Clean glass on entry doors
Sweep front porch and steps

WEEKLY (or more often if needed)
Vacuum other rooms and stairs in north entry
Dust tables, counters, tops of radiators, upstairs windowsills*
*Tables, counters, and furniture may require occasional cleaning instead of just dusting
Clean interior glass by videos/computers, window in north entry
Mop north and front entry

Dust clear spaces on shelves (not necessary to move books or magazines)

Sweep furnace room and staff hall
Dust tops of shelves.
Dust downstairs windowsills

Wax tile in north entry and terrazzo and stairs in front entry

Remove, clean, and replace air conditioner filters; cover window units (inside) for winter.
Remove and re-hang downstairs curtains for washing

Change fluorescent bulbs
Sweep walks
Cleans walls and interior of elevator
Clean sinks in office and downstairs storage room
Pick up trash in yard.
Perform minor repairs.
Report to librarian when supplies are running low and larger repairs are needed.

Trim bushes along front walk as needed during late spring/summer
May occasionally remove snow from and sprinkle de-icer on front steps and north entry.
*A service takes care of mowing and most snow removal.

Other tasks as assigned. This is a general guide to the duties and responsibilities of the job and is not intended to list every possible task an employee may be called upon to perform.