The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by President
Greg McHenry. In attendance were Mary Taylor, Aaron Rhoads, Sharon Farris, George Griffin, Amy
McGilvrey, and Librarian Teresa Pennington. Absent were Trustees Susan Punzelt, Ryan Fehrmann,
and Roxanne Michels.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: MOTION: Griffin, second McGilvrey to approve May 12 minutes as
read. Motion carried. MOTION: Farris, second Griffin to approve May 19 minutes as read. Motion

Finance Report: MOTION: Griffin, second McGilvrey to approve May report, to recognize May checks
and deposits, May and June invoices for payment, and to authorize the purchase of 28 adult fiction, five
adult nonfiction, 14 children’s fiction, seven children’s non-fiction, and three young adult titles from Baker
& Taylor. Motion carried.

Book Committee: No report.

House Committee: McHenry will call Midwest Restoration to ask if/how they can repair the north wing
of the front steps, which is being damaged by someone digging the caulk out of the seams.
*MOTION: McGilvrey, second Rhoads to authorize Pennington to use up to $1800 (Mary Ida Riedell
funds) to have Horace Link repair the old A/C unit in the Reading Room or, if it can’t be repaired,
purchase a new one. Motion carried.

Librarian’s Report (Statistics): MOTION: Farris, second Griffin to approve the May report. Motion

Friends of the Library: Pennington used part of the $200 from the FOTL to purchase Legos for
children’s programs.

New Business: The Board reviewed Chapter 7 of Serving Our Public 3.0.
*MOTION: McGilvrey, second Griffin to accept the May 1, 2013-April 30, 2014 Annual Report. Motion carried.

Librarian’s Announcements: The library hired Laci Throneburg to replace Emilie Emberton.
*The Rotary is using remaining funds from the Gibson Room project to further update items in the library.
*Pennington will replace Bookletters with Wowbrary to publicize new materials.
*Pennington will replace the 10 Gale databases with EBSCO databases for a cost savings of over $700

Meeting adjourned 5:20 p.m. Next meeting is Monday, July 14, 2014.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Taylor, Secretary