Local author to hold book signing

Local author Dan Moffett will sign copies of his new book in the library’s Gibson Room on Saturday, October 20, from 11:00am to noon.

His book, The Council of Aerilguard, is the first in a proposed fantasy series. In the book, sixteen-year-old Kris Banton is no stranger to turmoil. After the mysterious disappearance of his parents, Kris is forced to carve out a life on his own in the city of Aerilguard. For most of his life, he has managed not to draw too much attention from the City Guards. As a Higher, someone who possesses magical abilities, Kris is often looked over or forgotten, which suits his needs just fine.

But Kris’ entire world is changed when the Councilmen of Aerilguard, the leaders of Mandors, announce new laws that directly affect Highers. Soon, Kris finds himself caught between the struggling powers of the Councilmen of Aerilguard and a group of Highers that seek to usurp the Council and gain control of Mandors. As the promise of war emerges, Kris must decide between the life he has made for himself and the freedom promised by the Alliance.

Dan Moffett is a 2009 graduate of Paris High School. As a sixth-grader, he was encouraged by English teacher Amy Freeze to pursue his interest in writing. He has spent the last 15 years writing numerous novels, focusing primarily in the fantasy genre. The Council of Aerilguard is his first published work.

Copies will be available for purchase at the signing.