The fax machine and copier are operated by library staff. Fees are charged per page and must be paid when the service is provided. Paris Public Library offers fax and copy service within the following guidelines:


Incoming and outgoing faxes ..... $1.00
per page for first 20 pages (per fax number)

Outgoing international faxes .... $2.00
per page, all pages

Copies – black & white .......... $0.15
for letter and legal size, $0.25 for 11x17 size

Copies - color .................. $1.00
all sizes

If a photocopy is required or desired for a fax transmission, a copy fee will also be charged. All outgoing faxes must include a library cover page, provided at no additional charge. Patrons will receive a printed report verifying successful transmission. If the recipient claims the fax was not received and the patron returns with the document and receipt within 48 hours, the library will fax the document one additional time at no charge. All incoming faxes must include the intended recipient’s name. If an incoming fax is not picked up within 7 days, it will be shredded. Paris Public Library and its staff are not responsible for the content of copies or faxes. Using the fax and/or copier service for illegal or fraudulent purposes is not allowed. The library reserves the right to refuse to fax or copy any material at the staff’s discretion.

Approved: 2/11/2013