Paris Carnegie Public Library cooperates with educational institutions by proctoring exams for area distance education students within the following guidelines:

  • Students are responsible for requesting a proctor, following the procedures of their school, and scheduling an exam with the library at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The librarian or a designee will administer the exam. Limited staffing prevents proctoring that requires more than providing access to the exam and visually monitoring the student while continuing with library duties away from the testing area.
  • Exams may be received online or by mail. Hard copy exams will be returned by standard US Mail (addressed envelope with postage is to be provided by the school or student), fax, or email. If the exam is to be faxed or emailed, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all answers are written clearly enough to be accepted by the teacher.
  • Online exams will be proctored on a public computer. Special or additional software may not be installed. Although computer time limits are waived for proctored exams, the library cannot guarantee an atmosphere conducive to test-taking.

Approved: April 11, 2011