Revised and approved March 10, 2014

Reference service is defined as assisting persons to locate materials that will provide needed information and/or providing answers to factual questions. Reader’s advisory is a service that suggests or recommends library resources based on an individual’s reading preferences.

Reference service and reader’s advisory are available to all persons regardless of age, race, sex, social or economic status during all hours the library is open.

Reference service and reader’s advisory are provided in response to inquiries in person, by telephone, email, or mail, and through social media.

The time a staff member can immediately devote to an individual’s question may be limited by the number of staff on duty at that time. Staff may provide direction and instruction in library use so the individual may search independently or refer the individual to another library or agency.

Library staff assists in locating information, but is not qualified to offer legal, medical, or financial/tax advice.

If not answered immediately, requests for information receive an answer or status report within 2 working days. If borrowing materials through interlibrary loan, the library cannot guarantee that such materials will arrive within a specific time frame.

Library materials may be gathered and temporarily designated as reference in response to school assignments that involve a large number of students and/or information from a limited number of sources.

Reference assistance and reader’s advisory that occur between users and staff are confidential and are not discussed outside a professional context.

Reference materials may not be taken from the library building. A photocopier is available for a small fee per copy.