Paris Carnegie Public Library has two rooms on the lower floor that are available when not needed for library purposes. Both are near restrooms and a water fountain.

  • The Robert L. Gibson Room (approx. 19 ft x 23 ft) is located near the elevator and street-level north entrance.  It contains a large conference table and chairs. 
  • The Northeast Meeting Room (approx. 19 ft x 31 ft) is located at the bottom of the front stairs, across from the children's room, and contains two smaller tables and chairs. This is a high traffic area of the library. 

Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in the Northeast Meeting Room. Meeting rooms are not equipped for conference calls.

Eligible Events*

The Gibson Room and the Northeast Meeting Room are available for free events sponsored by nonprofit groups. Groups may not charge admission, take up collections or donations, or buy and sell. Any person from the general public must be welcome at any publicized event.  Non-members may not be excluded from club functions.

Small Groups and Tutors

Committees or other small groups may reserve the meeting rooms. Individuals may use the Northeast Room if it is not reserved or in use. The library reserves the right to move small groups or individuals to another room if the library or a larger group needs the room.

General Information

  • To avoid disrupting other library activities, please exercise reasonable control over noise when using the meeting rooms. Do not plan extremely noisy events and please keep the doors closed.
  • Please do not list the library's telephone number or email as a contact in your publicity.
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco is absolutely prohibited in all areas of the library.
  • The library is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal items.
  • A 32" TV and DVD player are available if not being used elsewhere in the library. Five folding (6-ft.) tables may be set up as space permits in either room.
  • Please schedule your event so that it does not begin at the exact time the library opens.  This will give you time to set up the room. Please end your meeting at least ten minutes before library closing to allow time to put away furniture and clean up the room.
  • If people attending your function plan to bring their children to the library, please remind them that your group is responsible for supervising the children during the meeting.
  • If your group is sponsoring an event for children, please be certain that the adult supervisors do not leave the library until all children have been picked up by parents or caregivers.
  • Use of the rooms does not imply that the library endorses or supports an organization or event.


Using the Gibson Room 

Use of the Gibson Room may extend past library closing time if advance arrangements are made to do so; these meetings must end no later than one hour past closing.  Only the room, restrooms, and north lobby will be accessible when the library is closed.  No one will be able to enter the building after closing; if someone leaves the building, they will not be able to re-enter unless another member of the group is at the door to let them in.

The meeting sponsor is responsible for seeing that all persons exit the building and the door locks behind the last person out.  A telephone is not available after hours. On Fridays and Saturdays, meetings in the Gibson Room must take place within regular library hours.

With advance notice, refreshments may be served if they stay inside the Gibson Room and you agree to be responsible for cleaning up afterward.  No kitchen facilities are available.  Red, orange, or purple beverages stain carpets and may not be served.  The library will charge the group for any spills that require cleaning.

Northeast Meeting RoomUsing the Northeast Meeting Room

The Northeast Room may be used within regular library hours. Wi-Fi is available. No refreshments of any kind may be served.

Reserve a Meeting Room

Reservations may be made by telephone or in person at the main desk.  Please call 463-3950 for more information.  Tutors may reserve the Northeast Room on the wall calendar in that room.

Long-term use of either room by groups is generally limited to once a month.  More frequent use for a short term can usually be arranged.  Reservations can be made in advance for the current calendar year.  If your group cancels its meeting or event, please remember to notify the library.  If an emergency forces the library to cancel your event, the library will contact the person who reserved the room as soon as possible.

*Events sponsored by the library or Friends of the Paris Library may sell items as part of the program or to raise funds for the library.

Approved: April 11, 2011
scheduled for review Sept 2015