Dig into Archaeology

Welcome to our six-week Dig into Archaeology video series, presented by Susan Sloop of U of I Extension. Each week’s video will be posted on our Facebook page about 2pm on Thursdays and here on the website.

Weekly sessions are:

June 4: Sandpaper Petroglyphs. Tell a story the way the Native Americans and cave painters of Lascaux did.

June 11: Ancient Stone Circle. Imagine and build your own mini-stone circle, and think about its meaning and purpose.

June 18: Picture Writing. Create a scroll using hieroglyphics, the writing system invented by the Egyptians more than 5,000 years ago

June 25: Piecing It All Together with Artifacts. Dig for history treasures (artifacts) at home! Learn how archaeologists dig and record their findings.

July 2: Discover Cahokia Mounds

July 9: What is an archaeologist? (Last session of the series)


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