Emergency Closing Policy

Paris Carnegie Public Library maintains a regular schedule of hours open to the public. It may become necessary to close the library, shorten hours, or cancel programs when conditions pose a safety hazard to the public and staff or prevent basic library functions. The decision is based upon one or more of the following:
    1. Weather and/or road conditions that cause hazardous traveling, such as significant snow or ice accumulation, extreme (subzero) temperatures, or blizzard conditions.
    2. Availability of staff to operate the library. Minimal staffing level is two staff members in the building with no scheduled programs.
    3. Failure of vital building services, extended power failure (more than 30 minutes in daytime, 15 minutes after sunset), condition of the building or its equipment.
    4. General health/safety emergency in the community or area surrounding the library.
The Librarian/Director will make the decision to close; if not available, the Assistant Librarian will decide.
Closings are announced in as many ways as possible given the circumstances of the emergency and may include the library website, outdoor message sign, answering machine, signs on doors, and announcement in local or social media.

Adopted 2014.  Revised 10/15/2018, 1/10/2022

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