May 11, 2015

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by President George Griffin. In attendance were Mary Taylor, Greg McHenry, Roxanne Michels, Ryan Fehrmann, Aaron Rhoads, Sharon Farris, Susan Punzelt and Librarian Teresa Pennington. Absent was Trustee Amy Hannig.

Secretary Taylor administered the oath of office to reappointed trustees Punzelt and Farris. Fehrmann will take the oath at the June meeting.
Fehrmann and Griffin will comprise the standing Finance Committee.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: MOTION: McHenry, second Michels to approve April 13 minutes with the correction that, under Nominating Committee business, Michels—not McHenry—made the motion. Motion carried.

Finance Report: MOTION: Fehrmann, second Punzelt to approve April report, to recognize April checks and deposits, and to authorize the purchase of 19 adult fiction, nine adult nonfiction, 12 children’s fiction, eight children’s non-fiction, and four young adult titles from Baker & Taylor. Motion carried. The $655 in gifts and donations was received in memory of Mary Ann Tucker.

Book Committee: No report.

House Committee: *McHenry reported that Midwest Restoration tuckpointed the grout in between the bricks around the front porch.
*Bill Gosnell sealed the possible source of the leak above the upstairs door between the original building and the addition. A plumber repaired the toilet in the women’s restroom.

Friends of the Library: The Friends will provide box meals for the Stone Soup performers following the performance.

Librarian’s Report (Statistics): MOTION: McHenry, second Farris to approve the April report. Motion carried.
*Board members reviewed April 2015 Review. Pennington reported that the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library will now microfilm the Beacon News for $45 per reel (it takes 4-5 reels to microfilm a year’s worth of The Beacon News). This is a much lower cost than with ProQuest.
*Pennington completed the Tumblebook authentication. Users now must use a library card for access.

Old Business: MOTION: Michels, second Fehrmann to approve the new Library Conduct policy. Motion carried.
*Pennington changed the language of the fee to scan documents to email to read: 50 cents first page, 10 cents per additional page.

Meeting adjourned 5:00 p.m. Next meeting is Monday, June 8, 2015.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Taylor, Secretary