Mental Health Books

The following books on mental health topics were purchased with a Back to Books grant from Illinois State Library in late 2020 and early 2021. They are available to be checked out at the library or borrowed through interlibrary loan.

Adelman                Way Past Worried
Azarchi                   The Empathy Advantage
Barnes                    Understanding Mental Illness
Barry                       Emotional Healing
Bryden                    Start Here: a Parent’s Guide to Helping Children and Teens through Mental
                               Health Challenges
Burns                      The Feeling Good Handbook
Burton                    Let Go of the Guilt
Cain                       The Way I Feel
Chodron               When Things Fall Apart
Daramus               Understanding Bipolar Disorder
Davis                     Positive Mental Health: Overcoming Mental Health Problems
Durlofsky              Logged In and Stressed Out
Edelman               The Aftergrief
Fast                       Getting It Done When You’re Depressed
Gobin                   The Self-Care Prescription
Golden                 Curating Your Life
Grinker                 Nobody’s Normal
Hanson                The Anxiety First Aid Kit
Harper                  So Embarrassing
Healy                    The Emotionally Healthy Child
Hendriksen          How to Be Yourself
Henick                 So-Called Normal
Hershberg           The Tantrum Survival Guide
Jensen                 Don’t Call Me Crazy
Kilbride               Working with Worry
Kirkness              The Panic Button Book
Kross                  Chatter
Lebowitz             Breaking Free of Child Anxiety and OCD
Levy Take            Control of Your Drinking
Manocha            Growing Happy, Healthy Young Minds
Mars                   Addiction-Free Naturally
McIntosh            This is Depression
McKowen           We Are the Luckiest: the Surprising Magic of a Sober Life
Mondimore        Bipolar Disorder
Noonan              Helping Others with Depression
Perry                   The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read
Ramsey               East to Beat Depression and Anxiety
Rothbaum           PTSD: What Everyone Needs to Know
Rudd                   Sometimes It’s Hard to be Nice
Skillcorn              Healing Depression without Medication
Smith                  Anxiety: the Missing Stage of Grief
Thomas               The Addiction Spectrum
Thompson          Depression at College
Vlock                  Parenting Children with Mental Health Challenges
Waller                 Depression, Anxiety, and Other Things We Don’t Want to Talk About
Warner               And Then They Stopped Talking to Me
Werner-Gray      Anxiety-Free with Food
Willard               Breathing Makes It Better
Willis                  Opening to Grief

Galanti               Anxiety Relief for Teens
Konigsberg        The Bridge

Brian                  The Worry Less Book
Carbone             This Makes Me Happy
Colella                Looking on the Bright Side with Elmo
Corchin               I Feel . . . Meh
Corchin               I Feel . . . Lonely
Corchin               I Feel . . . Angry
Corchin               I Feel . . . Too!
Corchin               I Feel . . . Anxious
Corchin               I Feel . . . Awesome
Graff                   Umbrella Summer
Hasson               Step Back from Frustration
Hasson               Face Your Fears
Keller                 The Science of Breakable Things
King                   OCDaniel
McLachlan         My Father’s Words
Macon               Up and Down Mom
Menchin            Taking a Bath with the Dog and Other Things that Make Me Happy
Moore-Mallinos A Whole Bunch of Feelings
Urban                 Mouse was Mad


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