Monster Drawing Fun

Dig Deeper iRead 2020

Welcome to the first week of Dig Deeper and Explore activities! This week is a monster drawing game that you can play by yourself or with others and a couple of video drawing lessons.

Roll a Monster Game
You will need:
<– this or download printable copy
pencil, crayon, or marker
1 dice (if you don’t have dice, use an online version, or cut 6 small squares of paper, label each a number 1-6, turn upside down, and mix up.)

Draw a large shape for the body of your monster on your paper.
Roll the dice (or choose one of your handmade numbers) and draw what that number says to add to the body.
Take turns if playing with someone else. Keep going until you want to stop.

(image and original version from


Learn to draw monsters from authors and illustrators

Tony Ross (author of Lazy Jack and illustrator of the Amber Brown series)

Steve Harpster (author of Draw Alphabeasts and illustrator of Silly Knock-Knocks and Spooky Jokes)

Want to read more about it? Try these books from Paris Public Library
Micro Monsters
Draw Manga Monsters! by Christopher Hart
51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes by Fiona Hayes
Draw Alphabeasts by Steve Harpster
Monster Poems

These may be requested through our SHARE catalog or by calling the library.

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