Bulletin Boards, Distribution of Free Materials, and Social Media

Bulletin Boards, Distribution of Free Materials, and Social Media

Paris Carnegie Public Library provides limited bulletin board and display space for announcements and notices for local community activities and events, public services, and businesses of community interest. For the purposes of this policy, “local” includes Paris, Edgar County, counties bordering Edgar County, and Illinois Heartland Library System libraries.

•    The bulletin board across from the elevator is reserved for library-related information only.
•    Political literature is limited to announcements of “meet the candidates” events and nonpartisan compilations of voting records.
•    Items posted or left for display that do not meet these guidelines will be discarded. Library staff will remove dated items after the event and undated items after 30 days or when display space is needed.
•    Selling products or services, soliciting donations, and circulating literature, surveys or petitions are not permitted on library property unless sponsored or conducted by the Library.
•    Distribution or posting of items in the library does not indicate library endorsement of issues, events, or services.

Paris Carnegie Public Library uses social media to encourage community involvement in the library and to provide information regarding library services, resources, and programs. Posts are expected to follow the basic rules of civility. The library reserves the right to remove any contributed content that is deemed inappropriate or not related to the discussion to which it is attached.

Updated and Approved: Nov. 14, 2011

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