Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Please call 217-463-3950 or email if you have any questions.

Meeting Room Policy

Paris Carnegie Public Library has two rooms on the lower floor that are available when not needed for library purposes.

  • The Robert L. Gibson Room (approx. 19 ft. x 23 ft.) is located near the elevator and street-level north entrance.  It contains a large conference table and chairs.
  • The Northeast Meeting Room (approx. 19 ft. x 31 ft.) is located at the bottom of the front stairs, across from the children’s room, and contains two smaller tables and chairs. Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in this room.

Eligible Uses

Nonprofits, community organizations, small groups, and for-profit businesses may reserve a room at no charge. Reservations may be made up to six months in advance by telephone or in person.

  • No admission may be charged, no collections (except for regular club dues or to cover expenses for materials) or other money-raising activities may occur, unless conducted or sponsored by, or for the benefit of, the library.
  • Business meetings, training sessions, interviews, and job fairs may take place, but not sales events.
  • Room must be used during regular library hours. Please allow time to set up and clean up when scheduling use of the room.   * Use of the Gibson Room may extend up to one hour past library closing time only when advance arrangements are made.  Access to and within the building is limited after the library closes. 

Long-term recurring use of a room is limited by the needs of the library and cannot be guaranteed indefinitely. The library will provide a 30-day notice when a long-term reservation must end.

Individuals may use a room if it is not reserved or in use.  The library reserves the right to move small groups or individuals to another room if the library or a larger group needs the room.

Use of the rooms does not imply that the library endorses or supports an organization or event.

Room Guidelines

  • With advance approval, refreshments may be served if they stay inside the room. Alcohol is absolutely prohibited.
  • The library will charge for any spills or damages that require professional cleaning or repair.
  • Use of the room may not disrupt the normal business and activities of the library.
  • Do not list the library as a contact in your publicity.
  • The library is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal items.
  • A 32″ TV and DVD player, digital projector, podium, and screen are available upon request, if not being used elsewhere in the library. Additional folding tables may be set up as space permits.
  • Adults bringing children to a meeting are responsible for supervising them.  When the event is for children, please be certain that adult supervisors do not leave the library until all children have been picked up by parents or caregivers.

Revised and approved September 14, 2015

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