Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security cameras are installed in the lower level of Paris Carnegie Public Library to help staff monitor that area and to discourage violations of library policy.

Access to live images is available to staff in order to monitor current activity. Audio is not recorded. The equipment retains images for a limited time before they are recorded over by new footage.

Cameras are not continuously monitored and do not cover all areas of the building. The public and staff should take appropriate precautions for their safety and the security of their personal property. Neither Paris Carnegie Public Library nor the City of Paris is responsible for loss of property or personal injury.

The Library disclaims any liability for use of video in accordance with the terms of this policy, given that the library is a public facility and security cameras are limited to areas where patrons and/or staff have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Access to recorded footage is limited to designated staff when documenting incidents of injury, criminal activity, or conduct policy violations or when testing equipment. Live surveillance or recorded data may be used to cooperate with law enforcement investigations of criminal activity, missing persons, or runaways. In all other respects, recorded data is confidential and released only in accordance with or required by law.

Signs stating that cameras are in use are posted at both public entrances. The Board of Trustees of Paris Carnegie Public Library will review this policy periodically and reserves the right to amend it at any time.

Approved March 9, 2015; December 14, 2020

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