Travel and Expense Control Policy


The following policy was developed to comply with the Local Government Travel and Expense Control Act (50 ILCS 150).

The Library will only approve travel expenses for employees or trustees if the travel is necessary to complete official Library business or necessary to obtain information for the betterment of the Library in some capacity.

1. The costs of transportation, meals, and lodging (if an overnight stay is necessary) are allowed as described below.
2. The costs of conference fees, supplies and books for educational purposes are allowed.
3. Entertainment expenses and costs for alcohol or liquor are NOT allowed.

MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE REIMBURSEMENT without BOARD ACTION: Library employees may receive reimbursement for travel expenses without specific Board Action as long as the expenses are under the Maximum Allowable Reimbursement as stated herein and the Procedure for Reimbursement below is followed.

1. The total maximum for any travel for Library purposes is $300. This may change from time to time at the direction of the Board. The Board shall use the following overriding principles to determine the maximums:

a. Automobile expenses will be approved at the IRS rate for business travel if the traveler uses their own automobile.
b. Cost of food shall not include the cost of alcoholic beverages and should be reasonable and customary for the area.
c. Cost of lodging should be reasonable and customary for the area.

2. In the event of an emergency or special circumstance, reimbursement may be approved over the $300 maximum reimbursement limit if approved by a majority of the Board at a properly noticed and regularly scheduled board meeting subject to a roll call vote.

PROCEDURE FOR REIMBURSEMENT: No expenses shall be reimbursed without a request form (as included here) completely filled out with receipts or estimates attached. In the event that travel expense is prepaid, actual receipts must be turned in and attached to the reimbursement request form within 30 days of the completion of travel. Any amount paid in excess of the actual receipts filed must be repaid to the Library within 30 days.

EXPENSES INCURRED BY BOARD MEMBERS: Expenses may only be approved for reimbursement by the Board as a whole at a normally scheduled Board Meeting subject to a roll call vote.

Approved November 14, 2016

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