“Retro” toys and games

Dig Deeper iRead 2020

Many toys and games have been around for years and years. Sometimes they stay mostly the same, like the Slinky. Sometimes they change and sometimes they lead to bigger and better games. We hope you enjoy revisiting some old favorites – in online versions – this week.

Etch-A-Sketch is 60 years old. Have you ever wondered how it works? Now try drawing with an online version! Shaking your screen won’t really clear your drawing. Click the reload arrow on your browser instead.

Lite-Brite was popular in the 1980s. Try the online version. Click a colored dot at the top and then click again in the black space to place it where you want. Keep going to make a picture.

Slinky: Still around after so many years, but did you know there’s an online Slinky?

Pong. One of the first computer games. Watch the game and then try it yourself. It’s harder than it looks.

Want to read more about toys? The library has these books:

Toys!: Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions, by Don L. Wulffson
Awesome Minds: the Inventors of LEGO Toys, by Erin Hagar
The LEGO Book, by Daniel Liskowitz


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