Library Cards

Paris Carnegie Public Library receives its financial support from property taxes within the City of Paris. Library cards are available, without additional fee, to residents living inside city limits and nonresidents who are city taxpayers.

Getting a library card

  • When applying for a library card, please bring identification that includes your name and current address. Post office boxes are accepted as mailing addresses, but not as residency. Proof of your actual physical address must be presented. 
  • A photo ID such as a drivers license or state ID card is preferred. If the address is not correct on your photo ID, a voter registration card, recent rent receipt, utility bill, pay stub, or postmarked mail (within 30 days) is accepted with your ID.
  • If you have outstanding fees of $5.00 or more at any public library in Illinois Heartland Library System, you must pay down those fees before a card can be issued.

Children aged 5 and older may have library cards. To get a card, you and your child will need to visit the library together. A parent or legal guardian must sign the application for children and teens under 16 and ID/show proof of address. By signing, you accept responsibility for the care and return of items your child checks out. 16- & 17-year-olds must show ID/proof of address and provide a parent’s name.

Cards for nonresidents who are city taxpayers

If you live outside the city limits of Paris, but own property or lease commercial property inside the city limits, you may be eligible for a library card at no additional cost.  In addition to proof of residential address, please bring your most recent tax bill for the property that shows payment of taxes to Paris Library or copy of your commercial lease. 

Nonresident cards

  • If you live in an area in Illinois that pays no library taxes and do not own property in an area that does, you may purchase library cards for an annual household fee.  The nonresident fee is required by Illinois state law and is based on an average amount residents are taxed for library services.
  • Illinois law (75 ILCS 16/30-55.60) states that Illinois residents living outside a public library service area must apply for nonresident library cards at the public library closest to their principal residence. “Closest public library” is defined as one within your school district or that serves a portion of your school district, unless another public library is physically closer to your residence. 
  • You may purchase a card at Paris Public Library if you live outside the Paris city limits and in Paris District 95 or Crestwood Unit 4.  Paris Public Library’s current annual fee is $32.00. It covers all members of your household. If you live beyond Unit 4, you may have to purchase your card at another library, but may use that card here.

Paris Carnegie Public Library, Chrisman Public LibraryNewman Regional Library District, and Kansas Community Memorial Library have agreed that people living in Shiloh School District with a  

  • Paris address may purchase nonresident cards at Newman or at Paris.
  • Redmon address may purchase cards at Newman, Paris, or Kansas. 
  • Metcalf address may purchase cards at Newman or Chrisman.
  • Brocton or Hume address may purchase cards at Newman.

Using your library card

  • Please do not check out items for someone else or allow others to use your card. You are responsible for all items and fees on the card.
  • If you do not have your library card with you when checking out, we may ask to see a photo ID.
  • We will give you one free replacement if you lose your card.  Each additional replacement is $1.00.

Using your card at other public libraries

Illinois Heartland Library System

Illinois Heartland Library System

  • Your valid library card may be used to check out items at most public libraries in Illinois Heartland Library System and other Illinois systems. However, your library card will not access another library’s online resources.
  • If you have fees or late items that block your card, you must pay those fees or return the items before checking out materials. You may do this at any SHARE public library.  An expired card must be renewed at your home library.
  • If your card is from an Illinois public library outside our SHARE online group, we will check with your home library before borrowing privileges are allowed at Paris Public Library. We will also ask to see a photo ID. If you want to use your Paris card at a non-SHARE public library, that library will contact us before extending borrowing privileges.


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